Sales Connection is a MSC status company incorporated in Malaysia. We are a business intelligence systems and consulting service provider that helps companies to simplify operations, organise data and provide intelligence for business decision-making. We focus on improving all business functions, from operations, sales, marketing, customer service and finance for all industries in order to increase productivity, grow sales and serve their customers better. Sales Connection provides a real time overview of company performance. Our product and service is also customisable giving your business a competitive edge.

The dynamic and dedicated team of Sales Connection, catering to your business needs.

Experiences Of Our Founding Members

John Lee was the Head of Research and Strategic Director working together with Credit Bureau Malaysia (CBM) to introduce an industry-leading solution that assists banking and financial institutions in Malaysia in doing credit reviews and property portfolio evaluation. The system was introduced to the banking industry in Bank Negara in May 2017 and is currently live and being used by various banks within Malaysia.

Founder John Lee created an industry-leading solution for Malaysia's banking sector and introduced it at Bank Negara in May 2017.

Apart from John Lee's experience, Sonia Thor has been involved in many projects while working at Ernst & Young. Amongst others, she provided consulting services to CIMB Bank Berhad in implementing its new core banking system which handle loans, deposits, customer accounts and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which was implemented in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Aside from financial institutions, the founding members have also assisted the real estate industry through developing an online platform that is used by more than 2,800 real estate professionals across Malaysia to conduct business dealings.

Prior to Sales Connection, our founding members had also been involved with khazanah National Berhad in the past and assisted in looking at Malaysia's investment in IT and technology firms globally.

Projects that have been featured in various news organisations such as The Edge, Nayang Siang Pau, and Harian Metro.

Besides Sales Connection, our company, Good Works Technology Sdn Bhd, is a leading-edge organization that has developed IT systems and solutions for the education industry.

These systems have been implemented and deployed as online learning solutions for real estate student accross Malaysia. Our company is also recognised by the government of Malaysia as a leading real estate course provider and conducts real estate trainings in partnership with the government.

Our Clients

Trading and Manufacturing

With the industry’s requirements for team members to actively move on-ground to accomplish their tasks, our system has helped many trading and manufacturing companies in productively coordinating their teams through our features such as check in/out.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Our system also provides vital data that FMCG companies use in strategizing their business plans and project their business growth. Most have taken full advantage of our real-time report system to update team members not just across cities, but regions as well.


Sales Connection has helped various sales team on efficiently managing their customer data through implementing our system to effectively close more deals.

Technical and Servicing

We’ve integrated our system as an integral part of businesses from various technical and servicing industries such as electrical experts, pest control, mechanical engineering and many more across the Klang Valley.